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Collegiate Flare Leg Warmers

As it gets chillier and more snow starts flying leg warmers can really keep your legs and feet warmer. I designed this fun pattern with the wonderfully smooshy (and superwash) Dream in Color Classy yarn. Here it is knit at a slightly tighter gauge for wind resistance and increased durability. A combination of ribs and mock cables make them interesting to look at and knit without the bulk of real cables and to allow them to fit a wide range of sizes without any special calf shaping.

Collegiate Flare Leg Warmers

Being one who loves little details I added a bit of flare at the bottom for extra coverage when wearing all those ballet flats and other low-cut shoes that have invaded my closet so I could show off my handknit socks. The flare is full-fashioned for a nice little touch of style.

The pattern is free here for the month of December only!


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